Friday, August 16, 2019

How Important is Quality

Recently I was asked “How Important is Quality to you”.  Thats a no brainer, since my first day of photography I wanted to put a quality photo out there if it’s on social media or on print.

Unlike some photographers I won’t print my photos at the barrel races, some days I get them SOOC (Straight out of camera) perfect and could print on site.  I like to take a look at them to see if they need to be straightened, exposure is too high too low etc.  I give each $10 social media tag the same amount of attention as I do a $26 8x10 print.

Quality is very important to me, and my answer to that person that asked me that was “I will quit before I sacrifice quality”

Portraits same thing, things go a little slower (most days) than a fast paced barrel race, but I pay close attention to my background, ambient light, artificial light, people, horses, dogs, everything comes into factor when creating a piece of art for someones wall.

Quality should always be your top priority as a business, artist or individual.  I want to be known for my quality work not for settling for less.

If your looking for a quality photographer, look no further JO H PHOTOGRAPHY is your photographer. Check out my work and let me take care of “All your photography Needs”

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Improve your Skills

Even though your a professional and you make your living doing what you do, it’s always great to go out and work with someone else to work on your skills and learn new things.  I’m not a big studio type photographer so was thrilled when two of my favorite photographers got together to put on a workshop.  Both very strong with studio photography and both amazingly talented with senior photography.

To stand out in todays OVER Saturated market of people with cameras you have to stand out, do things differently, this weekend I learned both of those, My photos will stand out and I will be working to do a few things differently.  I know my seniors in this upcoming year and years to come will be happy with the things we accomplish at their sessions to book your session, you won’t be disappointed 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Networking for success

Networking!  What is Networking?  Networking is using all avenues to help yourself get noticed to increase awareness to you as a business.  What are you doing to help network your business?

Social Media has become so popular to help bring awareness and eyes to your business; are you using social media to your advantage? Are you networking with fellow small business?  If your not you need to.

One of the ways to reach more people is to collaborate with some of the other small business owners you know.  I often times barter my photography work to other small business in the area.  In hopes that they advertise the photos I’ve taken to draw attention to their business also draws attention to mine.

Something I would like you all try to do to help each other is find someone to network with, if you are advertising another persons page, doing work for each other to help bring eyes to that person, a video, a photo anything to help each other out.  This week I plan to visit a few business in Sanger to collaborate and network in hopes that a photo or video will help bring more likes, shares and potential clients to Jo H Photography.

Give it a try and see how it helps you

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Setting Goals

As a photographer I wanted to challenge myself and One of the things I wanted to add is at least one out of state barrel racing event.

This year we (my booth assistant) and myself made the trip to Topeka Kansas to photograph for MR Barrel Productions.  This was my first trip up to Kansas to photograph and my first time to work with this promoter.

I was very impressed with MR Barrel Productions, as a vendor that works at an event you love what you do but you don't want to be there any longer than necessary,  Michelle and her crew were able to run 50 + an hour thru the arena which is not easy to do.

The arena personnel made sure we had everything we needed, No extension cords were pulled out and drug all over the arena, they had outlets that came down from the ceiling and dropped down on a pulley which sure made it easy for me to set up lights and not have to worry about taping cords to the concrete.

Last year I flew to Oregon and wanted to go back, but the more I thought about it the more I didn't want to have to worry about flying all my gear back up there.  So this year we opted to drive (7 hours to Topeka) and I am glad we made the drive.

The competition was fierce and I was able to make a lot of new friends on this journey.

Setting goals and working to accomplish them is one of the most satisfying things for me as a photographer.  On to the next goal

Saturday, June 29, 2019

The 2 P’s Patience and Practice

This week I met an extraordinary young lady, she will be a junior in high school and after introductions I asked her how long has she been doing Ballet.  She told me 12 years, for such a young lady, she’s been working on her art for 12 years and it showed in every photo we took this day.

This made me think back to my photography and I feel this could apply to anyone trying to improve.  So many don’t have patience to wait until their ready to see the improvements of practice.  This applies to anyone, photographer, barrel racer, musician, artist.  Your craft takes time, don’t feel like you have to see results right away (there are a few that do) but it does take practice, repetition, working on what you love in order to see the results.

This young ladies mom told me during the session when I complimented on how well her moves were, how precise, she said “Thats from everyday practicing what she loves”. Remember to have patience and the reward will come

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Copyright and useage

I feel like it would be a good thing to discuss as a photographer my job is also to help communicate.  Please remember every photographer probably does something different so it’s YOUR job to ask.

At my photo booth on location we have a sign up right by the monitor where you see your photos on what you can do with a facebook digital.

I sell 2 types of digitals.  Facebook and High Resolution.  Both are for USEAGE, meaning I keep the copyright of the photo, which gives you the purchase or useage purchaser NO rights on that photo except to share it.

When you purchase a facebook digital from Jo H Photography you may share this photo on your 
personal facebook, website, use it as a profile, instagram, any social media platform.  When I post my albums after a race, I ALWAYS put “Photos are ©Jo H PHotography, do not alter, edit, crop, filter, remove watermark, download to print, or alter photos in anyway including phone apps and editing software, share using the share button and feel free to tag your family and friends.”  Some occasions I ask to be contacted before submitting to your sponsors because if they are using the photo to promote their work, thats income for them and I want them to understand the useage.  I 99% of the time always say you can send it to your sponsor but please ask them to not Resell or print etc.  

High Resolution Digital, you are again using the photo, you receive a print release to print as many copies as you like but i again MAINTAIN the copyright.  I will NEVER give up my copyright. Which means you CANNOT alter the photos in anyway.  Your printing them because you have a release and your posting them to social media no problem.

When we see someone alter our photos even in the most innocent way you have to remember if I took a paint brush to alter the Mona Lisa, (sp) I have altered the original.  I may never be the BEST photographer or most famous, but that is my work and I don’t want it changed.  If you don’t like the photo, don’t buy it.  There is always going to be another photo.

Another thing to remember is when a graphic person uses your photo for any type of ad, they need to contact me for a release, if they use the photo- alter the photo in anyway in their graphic that is copyright infringement as well.  I again will always say Yes, but I want to talk to them to see what they have in mind before saying Yes.

Again, all photographers are different, some charge more, some charge useage, i’m Very easy and don’t do that.  But I ask that my work be respected and not changed.  With all of these phone apps and editing software remover Jo H Photography photos are off limits. 

If you have any questions, your more than welcome to message me, come see, me stop me at a race (if I am not between drags) I’ll be happy to answer any questions pertaining to me.  I can’t talk for other photographers, its best you ask them if your confused on what you can and cannot do with a photo.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Dallas Arboretum is the perfect location

Last year I photographed at the Dallas Arboretum on Garland Road for a few sessions; I loved it so. much that I bought a annual pass which turned out to be one of the best things I purchased for my business.

I like having a gorgeous location that is well maintained year round to offer for anyone wanting a pretty location for their senior, engagement, maternity and even cake smash photos.

I was so happy to photograph my first maternity session there this past week, The arboretum is very easy to drive to, lots of parking and has so many backgrounds that your clients won't be disappointed by the time they walk out at the end of their session.

I'm able to photograph about 90% of the sessions in natural light, with a large variety of trees and floral arrangements you can find the perfect spot even in this harsh Texas sun.

If your looking for a great location to photograph, don't forget to get a pass, each pass is individual and allows more people than others and free parking.  You absolutely cannot beat this location. to book your session

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

Kylee Scribner is no stranger to the rodeo arena or winning awards, she has been competing for as long as she can remember.

Having a great team of horses in your trailer along with a talented athlete makes this Great Team Successful.

First Fire Frost aka Billy is an 11 year old gelding she runs barrels and poles on.  Billy won the toughest high school rodeo region in Texas in barrels and poles two years in a row.  This team currently holds 5 barrel racing arena records in North Texas area and nearly 10 pole bending arena records.  He qualified for the American Semi Finals; has won the open and the youth moonshine race, and countless buckles.  This horse was on top of the world when he took a devastating blow from EPM.  A week into his treatment vets were wanting to put him down because they weren't sure he would be able to walk again, it was pretty set in stone it looked like he would never compete in the rodeo arena again.

BELIEVE!  Kylee knew better than that, She buckled down, kept God as her priority and knew that Billy had the heart of a champion and he would be back on top.  Six months later, Billy started his rehabilitation, within 2 years time, insight laser therapy, outlaw equine and a might mighty GOD, First Fire Frost is moving back into the arena and is consistently climbing the leaderboard.

While Billy was down, Kylee had already qualified for many rodeos just weeks away and was without a horse to ride.  She received a call from her aunt offering her cousins high school rodeo mare. This came with a catch; "sister" had alley issues, kicked and had been turned out for nearly a year.  With little time left before the rodeos she took Sister home and did as much prepping in the 2 weeks she could.  With less than 5 runs in barrels and poles they were on their way to the IFYR.  Not that this mare filled in for Billy while he was out, but she placed 17th in the average of 250 girls around the world.  Kylee has been blessed enough over the past 2 years that her aunt let her purchase Sister.  This mare may have her quirks but she has kept Kylee in the standings and given her all every run.  This mare has stepped up to the plate, qualified her for the state finals and once again showed me what a true gritty horse is.

Last year I invited my senior reps that I felt would be a great role model, representative and ambassador for Jo H PHotography.  Kylee has not disappointed me one bit, she has served so well in representing my small business.  I am so happy to see all of her success and I know this is just the beginning.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Step outside the Box

I photograph all of the barrel races that are held once a month at Parker County Arena in Weatherford, I haven't tried a lot of different things there, I would photograph on the right barrel side or photograph on the left barrel side.

Finally yesterday I stepped outside the box and put one of my dramatic lighting effects in place and I walked away pretty happy with most of the photos.

The photo of Blake is my favorite one from the day, I did do some extra photoshop to this one because I liked the angle, the dramatic look, the light coming thru the window and his awesomeness I just wanted to do a little more to this photo.

Photographers, think to yourself if your doing the same thing over and over, don't you think the barrel racer is tired of seeing the same thing over and over, or maybe would like something different.

Let's make sure we step outside the box and deliver something new and different for them.  I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve and I plan to start pulling those tricks out so the promoters I work for can offer something different in the way of photos. to book your event, portraits, weddings, sale horses and professional headshot photography

"For All your Photography Needs"

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Wedding Dress

When one of your brides messages you about an idea and you hear it and you can't wait to photograph it, you know it has to be a fun idea.  Alexia will be getting married in May of this year and had this amazing idea of something fun to photograph in her moms wedding dress from 1985.

When she became engaged her and her mom (Charlena Cutaia) thought it would be fun to pull out this wedding dress and do something fun, of course it had to do something with barrel racing.
It's funny this session even happened because Charlena is not one to save things, if she has no use for something it gets recycled, trashed or given away.  This dress was stored and wrapped up for years and made it's way from Arizona to Texas.

One of the most memorable things from this session was that Alexia is wearing her moms wedding dress from 1985 and performing the barrel pattern on her moms horse.  She said that it was such a huge honor for her to wear her moms dress and run her moms horse in this special photo session at Infinity C Ranch, her parents have been married 34 years this September and if she has half the marriage her parents do then she will have a pretty amazing life.

Make sure to check out this amazing mom daughter duo at Infinity C Ranch on facebook, they offer lessons, boarding and even hold barrel races at the ranch when weather permits.  I've known them both for quite a few years and consider them friends of mine and I'm so happy and honored to be asked to photograph Alexia wedding soon.

Photographer:  Jo H Photography
Photographer Assistant:  Kathy minteer
Location:  infinity C Ranch Farmersville Texas

Monday, April 15, 2019

Annika Barry Senior 2020

Being a photographer you meet some pretty amazing, driven, hard working people in this line of work.  It's busy season so this time of year I am photographing a lot of high school juniors and seniors  I had the pleasure of capturing a couple session with Annika Barry and Colten Cunningham.

I met Annika about 4 years ago thru my event photography and I am thrilled she has applied for my senior rep program for 2020 (winners announced soon).  She is a very active member of FFA for the past 3 years and competes in the quiz team, horse judging and is an Ag Advocacy.

She has been riding horses since she was 5 years old and competing at the ripe ole age of 7 years old. She competes in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat typing, Playdays, Racking Horse Shows, Western Pleasure, Hunter under saddle, trail and many more classes.  She has been blessed to make it to the finals all 3 of her high school rodeo career years.  In 2015 she placed 5th at the World Paint Horse show against some fierce competition.

She is also an entrepreneur, working for herself giving riding lessons and taking on client horses for tuning and training.  She was been nominated for the NTHSRA student board for the 2019-2020 school year which is an amazing honor.  She also has been on the Marcus rodeo team for 3 years now, serving as secretary for 2017-2018 and Marcus Queen for 2018-2019.

When she came to me about a photo session, she knew exactly what she wanted which makes things go so much faster and smoother, I photographed 95% of her session with Colten in natural light with poses that are appealing to her and him.  I thoroughly enjoyed how they incorporated their dog into almost all of their photos and such a pleasure to photograph them.  We picked a great location at the local state park which provided the background we need to obtain the look they wanted for their final photos. Both of these young adults were so much fun to be around, great personalities, polite and respectful.  

I look forward to more sessions with her and watching as her future unfolds in front of her.

Photographer:  Jo H Photography
Photographer Assistant:  kathy Minteer
Location: Lake Ray Roberts State Park

Friday, April 12, 2019

Lindsey Behring Senior 2019

Being a photographer your job is to capture memories for anyone that wants to pay you for your services, it's always a pleasure when you get to watch someone that grew up in front of your camera come to you for senior portraits.  Lindsey has been buying event (barrel racing) photos from me since I started about 5 years ago.  That means so much to me as a photographer to be able to capture a very special memory for her which is her High School Senior Photos.

Lindsey is a senior at Marcus high School and will be graduating in about 6 weeks.  She has been riding since she was 12 years old and currently competes in NTHSRA (North Texas High School Rodeo Associate) in barrel racing and pole bending.  All of those long days and nights of competing with this amazing organization will end soon, she's spend her 4 years of High School Competing with them.

She is a very active teenager, also being a member of the FFA she has shown goats and been a part of the horse judging team every year she was in High School.  They have placed 3rd in horse judging and made State her Sophomore year and she hopes to top her senior year off with another trip to state.  Winning 7 buckles has been one of the highlights of her rodeo career.
Lindsey will be attending Ranger Junior College in the fall, she plans to major in animal science to work in a field she enjoys so much, minoring in business management will help her with her future plans as a professional business woman.

I'm so happy to have the opportunity to watch this young lady grow up in front of my camera and I'm anxious to see what her future holds.

Thank you to Hollow Hill Event Center of Weatherford Texas for allowing us the pleasure of having this senior session at your location.

Photographer:  Jo H Photography.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Matson Twins Senior 2019

Darcy and Conor Matson, Seniors 2019 were born exactly two minutes apart!  Darcy tells you that growing up she always had him by her side, they did everything together.

People would ask "What's it like being a twin?" and she would tell them: "I don't know anything different, but I can say that having a twin means always having your best friend by your side through thick and thin."

Like all brothers and sisters, there are days when you get on each others nerves, fight a little here and there but at the end of the day, they are each others person. Both are very active in school activities but they always make time at the end of the night to spend important time talking about their day and what is going on in their lives.

This fall will see a huge change in their lives, it will be the first time they are going in separate directions.  Conor will be attending A&M in College Station to study business,  while Darcy is attending Tarleton University in Stephenville to major in animal science.  "Not living with my best friend will be hard, but we are prepared to make time for each other even with starting a new life:  Darcy says.  Conor worked very hard all 4 years of HS to stay in the top 10% of his class and keep his GPA up.  Conor has also been on the varsity Golf team all four years of High School, any free time he loves to spend in the gym and hanging out with his friends.

Darcy excelled in track part of her high school years specializing in hurdles, during her junior year she decided to focus on rodeo and competing in region 4 High School Rodeo Association.  This allowed her to compete against some of the toughest competitors in the state and up her rodeo game.  Her senior year she got a new horse, things didn't go as planned but with the help of friends she was able to place in rodeos, while waiting on her horse to recover.  Next year she plans on majoring in animal science specifically production.  Equine breeding is something she plans to pursue with this degree.  Darcy plans to take her horse with her to college but while he is recovering he won't be competing until her second year of college.
Both Conor and Darcy work full time jobs while maintaining high grades in school.  Very responsible adults is something the Matson's were sure they instilled in their kids.  I look forward to see what the future holds for these two.

Photographer:  Jo H Photography.
Photographer Assistant:  Kathy Minteer
Photography Location:  Infinity C Ranch, Farmersville Texas

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Caitlin McCreary Senior 2019

One of the pleasures of my job as a photographer is capturing memories for seniors.  This past week I was able to photograph a senior session for Caitlin McCreary and incorporating her horses is always one of the best parts.

These young rodeo athletes have so much respect, love and admiration for their 4 legged athletes I'm always happy to include them in a session.

Caitlin a senior that will graduate May 2019 has been riding horses since she was 10 years old.  Once she started barrel racing at the young age of 12 she hasn't been able to stop.

She is an active member of her high school rodeo team and has been all 4 years of High School, her primary focus is on barrel racing.  She did spend some time on breakaway roping and goat Tying but her main interest has and will always be Barrel Racing.

She plans to attend Blinn College in Bryan Texas in the fall of 2019 where she plans to study to become a Vet Tech.  She is getting a head start in her training by interning as a vet clinic in Decatur, Texas.  Learning and doing what she enjoys helps her stay motivated for her future as a Vet Tech.

Her goals?  Is to do the best she can to make her family proud of her and to inspire her younger brother and sister to do well as they always have looked up to her.  I have no doubt this young lady will accomplish much in life and her family will have much to brag about.

Photographer:  Jo H Photography
Location:  Ray Roberts State Park
Photography Assistant:  Kathy Minteer to book your session, personal or commercial. "For all your photography needs"

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Ameri Clark 2019 Senior Photos

The Dallas Arboretum never ceases to amaze me at the beauty, Located in the heart of Dallas photographers are welcome to photograph as long as your not a commercial photographer.  One of the best things I did was buy the annual pass so I could go anytime I wanted for one fee.

This Past week I had the pleasure of photographing Ameri Clark from North Texas
This outgoing senior doesn't have much down time between watching her boyfriend play high school baseball and is actively involved in Pals and Peers Helpers where she gets to interact with special needs students as well as younger kids.

She lists some of her interests as cats, clothing, baseball, makeup and spending time with family

One of the reasons I enjoy photographing at the Arboretum is you can do most of your session with natural light which allows you more freedom of movement.  I am a big lover of strobe lighting but sometimes you just want to work on angles, without having to move and test lights.  When you can show a family 130 proofs because you liked them so much (that is about 80 more than I normally show) then you walk away pretty happy with your session

Ameri plans to attend a two year college in the fall such as TCC or Weatherford Junior College and plans to major in psychology.

Photos:  Jo H Photography
Location:  Dallas Arboretum
Makeup: Ameri Calrk to book your session

Monday, February 25, 2019

Styled Shoot

One of the benefits of being a photographer is working on Styled Shoots, Lindsey, a Senior this year and sponsored rider for #JoHPhotography was the perfect model along with her long time Boyfriend Luke.

We planned off and on for a few weeks to work on a Styled Shoot that was with formal wear to work on posing.  Lindsey is already an active person and I was so happy she made time to work with me.  Barrel racing, FFA,  and horse judging occupies much of her time.  I was so happy she chose this beautiful dress from Gala Formal out of Grapevine Texas.  You can check them out at or call at 972-539-0011.

Luke is currently a freshman at Tarleton State University and is majoring in the demanding field of Nursing.  He lists hunting and fishing as some of is favorite things to do.  I had the pleasure of capturing his senior photos last year and look forward to capturing Lindseys session in April.

What makes this location perfect for a styled shoot is TWU has 2 locations for wedding and both always groomed and clean for people to take a walk in the park, students having a beautiful location to rest and relax and great for photographers.  This Anny Lee Designer prom dress definitely stood out on this background near the chapel in Denton Texas.

I would love the honor of capturing your prom, senior, engagement and wedding photos you can find me at

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What you have to Offer vs Prices

While having a conversation last night with someone they said something that was eye opening and important.  

I receive messages from time to time asking to help locate a horse, I thing being a photographer I get tagged on sell horses and such which is why people contact me they know I may be aware of the exact horse they are looking for.

During a conversation this trainer mentioned "A lot of work goes into a $20,000 horse"  That was very eye opening for me.  When people reach out to me for services as a photographer the one of the first 1 to 2 questions I am asked is "How much do you charge"

People make prices based on "CODB"  Cost of Doing Business.  I have an estimated $20,000 in equipment, Liability Insurance, Equipment Insurance, Vehicle, Vehicle Insurance, Training, I also work hard to improve my skills, I don't get free help like others ask me for, I pay for my training.  All of this comes at a price.  Years of Experience, Better Equipment, Future Training, Paying Sales Tax, Self Employment Tax, Insurance.  All of that comes at a price.

When someone reaches out to me for services, I hope they understand my price is based on all of those things above that "Alot of work goes into my Portrait and Wedding Prices"

When you reach out to a Photographer, think about all they have to offer, not just the dollar they quote to you.

I am very proud to be an award winning photographer, spending hours working on project photos, learning and manipulating light.

Its not always about price, it's "What you have to offer" that is behind the price  "For all your Photography Needs"

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Before and After

As photographers we have to use our super powers and work on a scene from time to time.  It would be amazing if all backgrounds were perfect but their not.

Hiring a professional photographer with some editing skills can take the bland photo and give it some pop and make it more appealing to the eye

New photographers, take some time to hit youtube up and learn how to do some basic sky swaps, remove distractions in a photo.  your clients are paying you money and you need to deliver the best photo possible to them.

Start off with the best SOOC (straight out of camera) photo you can, then when you get in post see what you can do (DON'T OVERPROCESS) to make that photo even more eye catching.

Below is a before and after, that makes the photo look better for this mom


Be careful new photographers you will end up spending hours working on photos so vision what you want to have as an end result, and also make sure you add up editing time into your cost or you will be losing money, although we are capturing lasting memories it is your job and how you make a living. for all your professional photography and editing needs

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Be Creative

Just like everyone else’s in their everyday jobs, photographers can get the same look over and over again.  I like trying new things, moving a light, moving an angle, sitting high, sitting low just to get something different.

I have a lot of range to try things at BPH Productions Tuesday Night Barrel Races.  The way the arena is set up I can move around a lot.  

tuesday night I set up my lighting a little different then it was just all about timing and trying to capture the horse in a different spot i normally do.  I was really happy with the results of this weeks barrel 1 photo and I think everyone else was too, almost everyone bought their unique/different lighting off of barrel 1.

I can’t wait for next week when I try something else different in hopes that people won’t be bored with their photos by Jo H Photography and look forward to seeing what I may be trying

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Work Behind Project Photos

One of the ways to keep from getting bored in your work and most importantly to grow in your craft is to work on project photos.  I will see something or have a thought pop in my mind which then gets jotted down in my notebook and one day hopefully will turn into a project photo for me to work on to become better at what I do.

I had this idea to try to redo the “Lady and the Tramp” Disney poster to see if I could do it, first thing in working on a project photo is location?  I knew of a great place Hollow Hill Event Center over in Weatherford, they have multiple backgrounds , beautiful scenery and the nicest people you will run across.  Check - Location found-.  Next you need subjects/models, what I thought would result in a few comments ended up ending in over 500 comments when I asked for people to spam me with with their dog photos.  Holy Cow!  People have so many dogs and love them dearly.  From that post I was able to find 2 models to use.  

Next is when the real work begins.  A project photo is not just snap your fingers your done, i made 2 trips to Hobby Lobby, for props, 1 trip to Wal Mart, 1 Order on Amazon and drove a total of 5 hours and spent around $50.00 on props for this project (which isn’t bad).   The owners of both models both had clothes so that was very helpful.

This project was in the works for about 2 to 3 weeks total time, multiple messages and conversations to make sure we could get things set up.  Working around 3 different busy peoples schedules is not easy.  Time was set, Day was Set, props in place and approval by the location again and it was time to shoot.  I always look at the time of day and weather to decide where to begin and what will make things flow smoothly.  We started with the wedding portion (which was kind of a joke but turned into a project) and working with dogs is not easy, they are so happy to please their humans they want to overdo what your asking, they were so much fun and I laughed more than I can remember at this session.   From there we worked into the Lady and the Tramp which was a huge challenge but we did pull off one photo (not included).  Afterwards I knew it was time to work on the natural course of things and work on location shooting with strobe lights to try to get a few photos just for the owners.

Finishing off the project just capturing "Otis" and "DeeDee" in a portrait pose was so satisfying, I have been wanting to add Pet Photography for my resume for so long, they were amazing and perfect and I'm so happy to capture these photos for the owners. to book your Pet Photography

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Question Photographers Hate

I saw this photo the other day and made me think it would be a good topic for a blog.  I’m not sure about other professions but I know as a photographer I have had this question asked of me.  “Would I work for free for a business only getting Exposure as payment”

I love doing work for people and business that support me in one way or another, but being asked to work for free right off the bat is not something we like to hear.  I know from my point of view I have to pay to put gas in my vehicle, wear on my tires, motor, oil, adding mileage to my vehicle to go do work for someone that doesn’t want to pay and 99% of the time their going to take your exposure work and make money off of you.

When I make a eye appointment (which i did 2 weeks ago) I didn’t ask them to do the work without paying or telling them I would give them “exposure” I know their a business and businesses need money in order to stay in business.

The next time you inquire a photographer/videographer if they will work for exposure, please remember we have bills to pay too. Yes we want more work, but exposure doesn’t pay the bills and we don’t know if we will get work from the exposure.

I turned down a job this year that they wanted to pay me exposure, I did the math on all they wanted for the year and it was $5300 worth of work that they didn’t want to pay for.  I communicated to them I didn’t feel I would gain that much work from doing “exposure work for them” so I turned it down.

Something to think about when approaching someone to do work for you and you want them to gain exposure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Rock Star Reins

In this small town I live in is also home to an amazing small business "Rock Star Reins"  When I asked designer Brandee Gallagher how did her reins get their start she told me "it was a way of encouraging riders".  Her very first design was designed with charms on them with the word FAITH throughout the reins.

Her second set of reins had the words FAITH, TRUST and DREAM, every time you saddled and tacked up and put those reins on your horse, you saw those words.  What a way to keep encouragement in your mind than looking down to pick up your reins to see those amazing words every day.  She originally started out just designing reins for her daughter and a few of her daughter Autumns friends.

Looking at these custom reins made for motivation you can see why they have become a big hit, before too long other riders were asking if they could have a set made and designed custom to their needs.  Thats where Rockstar Reins kind of accidentally got their start.

They have grown leaps and bounds and now sponsor 10 riders, they are carried in 7 stores and 3  countries.  What a huge accomplishment for this hard working mom .

Brandee will proudly tell you no matter how big we get the foundation remains the same "to build and encourage other people"  Going back to their roots all reins made in 2019 will be stamped with a word of affirmation to remind the rider to be positive, to have trust, patience and faith. They love doing giveaways as it gets their product out there and it helps fellow entrepreneurs as well.

Rock Star Reins firmly believes in the spirit of cooperation and seek to help others whenever they can.  The Leather they use is harness leather for all of their reins and lace and deerskin, calf and kangaroo leather which is imported straight from Australia.

Jo H Photography is so proud to be involved with Rock Star Reins in the way of photographing their product and sponsoring some races by giving away a set of reins or co sponsoring with Rock Star Reins to give a set of reins away.  

Find them on facebook to order your custom set of reins