Saturday, May 17, 2014

Time for change

The past few weeks have brought some changes to my photography and I feel everything new I'm trying and applying will make me a much better photographer.

I've started to shoot RAW to start creating catalogs and working on my photos in Lightroom 5, I took a workshop on creating layer masks, I've signed up for two additional workshops (one for portraits in the park the second for landscapes).

Today I photographed a youth horse show which was my first and all if the things I've been working on helped me capture my best photos yet

I think the best thing a photographer can do is practice. Each practice session helps you grow into a more experienced artist!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Tomorrow brings new excitement my way as a photographer; I will working on portraits in a public place for a young 15 year old young lady.  It makes you happy to know someone is paying you with their hard earned money to capture those special photos that stops the hands of time. I look forward to posting a few on my photo page:  Jo H Photography

Afterwards we are headed down to Ennis Texas to find the perfect spot to photograph bluebonnets. Every year people go in droves to Ennis to capture the most amazing photos. I always say I'm going to go and never make the 1.5 hour drive down. I just never wanted to give up that time, but as you grow older you look for places that will bring an inner peace to you and a smile on your face and I just can't seem to wait to go on a short road trip to be like the many others who have already made the journey

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