Sunday, June 9, 2019

Copyright and useage

I feel like it would be a good thing to discuss as a photographer my job is also to help communicate.  Please remember every photographer probably does something different so it’s YOUR job to ask.

At my photo booth on location we have a sign up right by the monitor where you see your photos on what you can do with a facebook digital.

I sell 2 types of digitals.  Facebook and High Resolution.  Both are for USEAGE, meaning I keep the copyright of the photo, which gives you the purchase or useage purchaser NO rights on that photo except to share it.

When you purchase a facebook digital from Jo H Photography you may share this photo on your 
personal facebook, website, use it as a profile, instagram, any social media platform.  When I post my albums after a race, I ALWAYS put “Photos are ©Jo H PHotography, do not alter, edit, crop, filter, remove watermark, download to print, or alter photos in anyway including phone apps and editing software, share using the share button and feel free to tag your family and friends.”  Some occasions I ask to be contacted before submitting to your sponsors because if they are using the photo to promote their work, thats income for them and I want them to understand the useage.  I 99% of the time always say you can send it to your sponsor but please ask them to not Resell or print etc.  

High Resolution Digital, you are again using the photo, you receive a print release to print as many copies as you like but i again MAINTAIN the copyright.  I will NEVER give up my copyright. Which means you CANNOT alter the photos in anyway.  Your printing them because you have a release and your posting them to social media no problem.

When we see someone alter our photos even in the most innocent way you have to remember if I took a paint brush to alter the Mona Lisa, (sp) I have altered the original.  I may never be the BEST photographer or most famous, but that is my work and I don’t want it changed.  If you don’t like the photo, don’t buy it.  There is always going to be another photo.

Another thing to remember is when a graphic person uses your photo for any type of ad, they need to contact me for a release, if they use the photo- alter the photo in anyway in their graphic that is copyright infringement as well.  I again will always say Yes, but I want to talk to them to see what they have in mind before saying Yes.

Again, all photographers are different, some charge more, some charge useage, i’m Very easy and don’t do that.  But I ask that my work be respected and not changed.  With all of these phone apps and editing software remover Jo H Photography photos are off limits. 

If you have any questions, your more than welcome to message me, come see, me stop me at a race (if I am not between drags) I’ll be happy to answer any questions pertaining to me.  I can’t talk for other photographers, its best you ask them if your confused on what you can and cannot do with a photo.

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