Monday, April 28, 2014

Back to photography

I've been spending a lot of time dabbling in photoshop and I've seem to of gotten away from photography. When I started to work on my interest of photography a few years ago, I told myself I just wanted to be good at it and for people to enjoy my photos. There's nothing wrong with photoshop
( I think I'm more of an elements person though) but with the time I've spent in front of the camera I could of been practicing taking photos and learning more looking thru my camera

I told myself 2014 was going to be a learning year and I have learned a lot. But I've spent most of it on the computer learning software. I think I will learn to shoot in RAW but learn my camera like the back of my hand to produce the best photos I can

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ÿour never too old to learn

The past few weeks I've decided I need to learn post processing. I tend to spend most of my time in photoshop Elements 11 versus Lightoom 4. I do plan to spend a week shooting RAW, creating presets in Lightroom and download and edit my photos before playing around with them in Elements

It's pretty funny that I was so scared of photoshop I have had the software about 8 months and I finally set my mind to trying a few things. I'm glad I finally jumped in with both feet because I've had the best time working with my photos.

But, back to work- the next 2 days I have big barrel races to photograph and I want my photos to stand out which means working on my camera settings and capturing the best action this side of the Red River