Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Planning your best photography session

Photographers are about to have their busiest time of the year with Fall Season.

Senior portraits start up, as well as Family and Holiday photos.  If your thinking about having photos done please don't wait until the last minute to book a session.

Your favorite photographer is going to get busy, frazzled, stressed and she/he will do everything they can to accommodate your needs.

If your wanting natural settings (outside - what I photograph) don't forget about weather and to plan for an alternate date if your planned date gets windy, rainy or just plain cold.

Location is very important, look for a location with variety, I always let my clients know I would love options (tree, roads, barns, streams old trucks old buildings) anything to give them a variety so their session doesn't look the same.

Props, if you want to include props think ahead about what you would like to bring to your session.  I am very open and will accommodate needs and requests.  Railroad tracks...Not off limits but it is against the law so keep that in mind.

Clothing, I will go over clothing with my clients and color therapy to make their photos POP.  I want your photos to stand out from everyone else.  We will be in constant contact before your session and after.

Get snapshots of any photos you fall in love with on social media, if you have to have this pose I will do everything I can to help you capture that special pose

So, plan ahead, help us make your experience the best you have ever had.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Perspective is something I want to work on more as a photographer, in event photography, portraits and commercial work.  Photographing the same angle can be boring to the runner and to myself.  By moving around you may capture something appealing and if anything you will help the rider see how things are going at a different angle.

It's not always easy as I am a strobe user indoors and nights and it's another learning experience moving light and learning light.  But you just never know what you may capture that the rider may like.

In your craft, try new things, don't do the same thing over and over, twee it a little to see what you get.