Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Be Creative

Just like everyone else’s in their everyday jobs, photographers can get the same look over and over again.  I like trying new things, moving a light, moving an angle, sitting high, sitting low just to get something different.

I have a lot of range to try things at BPH Productions Tuesday Night Barrel Races.  The way the arena is set up I can move around a lot.  

tuesday night I set up my lighting a little different then it was just all about timing and trying to capture the horse in a different spot i normally do.  I was really happy with the results of this weeks barrel 1 photo and I think everyone else was too, almost everyone bought their unique/different lighting off of barrel 1.

I can’t wait for next week when I try something else different in hopes that people won’t be bored with their photos by Jo H Photography and look forward to seeing what I may be trying

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Work Behind Project Photos

One of the ways to keep from getting bored in your work and most importantly to grow in your craft is to work on project photos.  I will see something or have a thought pop in my mind which then gets jotted down in my notebook and one day hopefully will turn into a project photo for me to work on to become better at what I do.

I had this idea to try to redo the “Lady and the Tramp” Disney poster to see if I could do it, first thing in working on a project photo is location?  I knew of a great place Hollow Hill Event Center over in Weatherford, they have multiple backgrounds , beautiful scenery and the nicest people you will run across.  Check - Location found-.  Next you need subjects/models, what I thought would result in a few comments ended up ending in over 500 comments when I asked for people to spam me with with their dog photos.  Holy Cow!  People have so many dogs and love them dearly.  From that post I was able to find 2 models to use.  

Next is when the real work begins.  A project photo is not just snap your fingers your done, i made 2 trips to Hobby Lobby, for props, 1 trip to Wal Mart, 1 Order on Amazon and drove a total of 5 hours and spent around $50.00 on props for this project (which isn’t bad).   The owners of both models both had clothes so that was very helpful.

This project was in the works for about 2 to 3 weeks total time, multiple messages and conversations to make sure we could get things set up.  Working around 3 different busy peoples schedules is not easy.  Time was set, Day was Set, props in place and approval by the location again and it was time to shoot.  I always look at the time of day and weather to decide where to begin and what will make things flow smoothly.  We started with the wedding portion (which was kind of a joke but turned into a project) and working with dogs is not easy, they are so happy to please their humans they want to overdo what your asking, they were so much fun and I laughed more than I can remember at this session.   From there we worked into the Lady and the Tramp which was a huge challenge but we did pull off one photo (not included).  Afterwards I knew it was time to work on the natural course of things and work on location shooting with strobe lights to try to get a few photos just for the owners.

Finishing off the project just capturing "Otis" and "DeeDee" in a portrait pose was so satisfying, I have been wanting to add Pet Photography for my resume for so long, they were amazing and perfect and I'm so happy to capture these photos for the owners. to book your Pet Photography

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Question Photographers Hate

I saw this photo the other day and made me think it would be a good topic for a blog.  I’m not sure about other professions but I know as a photographer I have had this question asked of me.  “Would I work for free for a business only getting Exposure as payment”

I love doing work for people and business that support me in one way or another, but being asked to work for free right off the bat is not something we like to hear.  I know from my point of view I have to pay to put gas in my vehicle, wear on my tires, motor, oil, adding mileage to my vehicle to go do work for someone that doesn’t want to pay and 99% of the time their going to take your exposure work and make money off of you.

When I make a eye appointment (which i did 2 weeks ago) I didn’t ask them to do the work without paying or telling them I would give them “exposure” I know their a business and businesses need money in order to stay in business.

The next time you inquire a photographer/videographer if they will work for exposure, please remember we have bills to pay too. Yes we want more work, but exposure doesn’t pay the bills and we don’t know if we will get work from the exposure.

I turned down a job this year that they wanted to pay me exposure, I did the math on all they wanted for the year and it was $5300 worth of work that they didn’t want to pay for.  I communicated to them I didn’t feel I would gain that much work from doing “exposure work for them” so I turned it down.

Something to think about when approaching someone to do work for you and you want them to gain exposure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Rock Star Reins

In this small town I live in is also home to an amazing small business "Rock Star Reins"  When I asked designer Brandee Gallagher how did her reins get their start she told me "it was a way of encouraging riders".  Her very first design was designed with charms on them with the word FAITH throughout the reins.

Her second set of reins had the words FAITH, TRUST and DREAM, every time you saddled and tacked up and put those reins on your horse, you saw those words.  What a way to keep encouragement in your mind than looking down to pick up your reins to see those amazing words every day.  She originally started out just designing reins for her daughter and a few of her daughter Autumns friends.

Looking at these custom reins made for motivation you can see why they have become a big hit, before too long other riders were asking if they could have a set made and designed custom to their needs.  Thats where Rockstar Reins kind of accidentally got their start.

They have grown leaps and bounds and now sponsor 10 riders, they are carried in 7 stores and 3  countries.  What a huge accomplishment for this hard working mom .

Brandee will proudly tell you no matter how big we get the foundation remains the same "to build and encourage other people"  Going back to their roots all reins made in 2019 will be stamped with a word of affirmation to remind the rider to be positive, to have trust, patience and faith. They love doing giveaways as it gets their product out there and it helps fellow entrepreneurs as well.

Rock Star Reins firmly believes in the spirit of cooperation and seek to help others whenever they can.  The Leather they use is harness leather for all of their reins and lace and deerskin, calf and kangaroo leather which is imported straight from Australia.

Jo H Photography is so proud to be involved with Rock Star Reins in the way of photographing their product and sponsoring some races by giving away a set of reins or co sponsoring with Rock Star Reins to give a set of reins away.  

Find them on facebook to order your custom set of reins

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Little Bit Country Little Bit Rock and Roll

One of the biggest benefits of working as a professional photographer is the people you meet.  I have met so many amazing people due to my job.  A few years back photographing a barrel race I got to meet one of those amazing people that come into your life.  Aaron Hennig, you couldn't miss her, wearing a helmet with a big red fringe / mohawk on top she definitely stood out.

I recently was given the biggest honor in capturing her engagement photos, what made this such a huge honor for me and probably the most nervous I have ever been was just a few month ago (August 2018) she lost her best friend, her rock, her person she told her deepest secrets and Her Photographer.

A lot of people don't think in these terms, but Your Photographer is the same as your Doctor, your stylist, Your Dentist, they are the person you trust with your memories.  When Aaron messaged me to ask "Jo Would you be my photographer?" you have no idea what a huge honor this was and I knew I couldn't let her down.

Shawn and Aaron met a few years back in a club in Muenster Texas where Shawn was doing something he loves very dearly, playing in a band, when Aaron walked in he didn't realize he was talking thru the mic when he said "OMG Who Is That?"  Aaron being new to the area wasn't worried about people looking at her, but she definitely had her eyes on him.

You can hear the love in her voice when Aaron tells you about Shawn, he is one of those guys that can take any non working small engine and make it run, he loves motorcycles and music even more, he is self taught musician and never took lessons and actually suffered stage fright but one day realized the mic was not going to bite him.  From a farm/ranch background Shawn worked cattle on their family farm,  he is the youngest of 7 kids.

They are both big animal lovers and included their furry babies in their recent engagement session.  Echo (top photo) was adopted by Aaron from a Gainesville, Tx shelter "Noahs Ark" she offered her double the adoption fee to make sure nobody else would get her.  Bella (bottom photo) is 19 years young and has been with Shawn since she was 5 weeks old.  Bella is Shawns absolute world, they are thick as thieves, they have been thru a lot together.  The last furry critter in the family (no photo) is Piper a boxer mix that Shawn surprised Aaron with on their 6th anniversary together.

Aaron is from a working horse background, working at a YMCA camp as a wrangler, she tended to all of the horses at the facility, riding, caring, and taking customers on rides.  From Wrangler to working around races horses in Laredo Texas this led her to meet some of her closest friends in Saint Jo Texas where we captured their engagement session.  Aaron lists woodworking as one of her favorite hobbies, she loves to create and paint anything with wood.  Just three short months after first meeting in that club they fell in love and knew they would be together forever.          Facebook & Instagram

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Pet Photography

Something that brings so much enjoyment to my amazing job as Full Time Professional Photographer is branching out and working on new ways to photograph.  I've recently added "Pet Photography" to my list of sessions I can photograph for you.

These two beauties are Margo (the one on the left with white beard) and Piper (the one on the right). Both are Aussiedoodles which is a cross between Poodle and Australian Shepherd.

Piper is a 2 year old AussieDoodle from a breeder in North Texas out of Lipan Texas.  Amazing model, so much fun and perfect for todays session at the Trinity River Park in Fort Worth.  One of the things I wanted to add to my photography of Pets is a Theme, a regular session is available but a theme is always fun.

One of the best things about this breed is that there is minimal shedding, both Margo and Piper are very laid back and the session only took about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.  When considering using your pets for photos, if they don't follow commands such as sit and stay, please consider working with them on a leash to make sure they are comfortable with the leash.  As the photographer I will work thru each photo and edit accordingly to help you capture those special memories.

Contact me at to book your "Pet Photography session"