Friday, August 30, 2019

A Day In The Life Of...

Have you thought about what all you do in your daily life?  I thought I would go through a routine day for Jo H Photography and what all I do on a daily basis.  It all of course depends on my workload but most days are pretty similar

My day always starts off at 6:30am with a morning walk with my amazing rescue dog "TED"  I'm so thankful for him because he has given me motivation to get up and get moving.

When I get back from the morning walk, I have to get he Java going, I'm ready for coffee and Bible Study, I "Write out" my bible study, I feel like it helps me understand and take in every work that's in my Bible.  I'm currently studying Psalm,

At that point, it's breakfast and into my home office, We converted the guest room into a office for myself.  I had been working on the coffee table, dinner table, anywhere I could set my computer down.  That was causing me so much wasted time carrying things back and forth I needed more organization.

I pulled the carpet in that room and repainted walls and trim and this weekend we are putting down wood flooring to finish out my home office, next week the organization begins constructing my desk and storage areas.  I like to be as efficient as possible and would like my work to flow and stay organized.

If I don't have any photography jobs then my morning is spent in the office working on order, or learning something new.  After lunch its time to do some house chores and trying to keep the home clean and organized for my family.

After lunch and cleaning its back it the office if there is more work to be completed or projects to work on.  If i have a race to photograph I start loading up my gear an hour before I have to leave.

Depending on the photography event, I may carry 2-3 lights, i rarely take all 5 lights unless I am working a remote camera or photographing youth rodeos.  I pick up Kathy (she works the photography booth) and we head out. We plan ahead using MAPS to see what time we need to be at a location.  I like to allow 1 hour of set up time before the race, if I have time I like to capture a few behind the scenes photos or talk to some of the contestants for that night.

The race depends on a lot of things, some races run 25-30 an hour, some 40-50 an hour.  We of course love the faster races that keeps up in and out as quickly as possible and we like that.

Kathy runs the photo booth and does an amazing job, we download 10 runners at a time to the booth laptop, so runners can come up and see their photos right away.  Unfortunately I stopped posting photos online due to so many people using their phones to take snapshots and posting them, they didn't buy them so I had to stop this process.  You can see photos on site immediately; depending on the race, I may work on your order right there in the arena so you have them to share immediately.  If it's  a really dusty arena I won't do that because it can ruin my computer equipment.

After the race and after everyone leaves the photo booth, we load up all of our equipment and head home, if I need to finish orders I work on them at home and make sure all digital orders are finished the same day.  Print orders are done by noon the next day so I can get all prints on one shipment as I overnight them to myself to get them out to everyone within a few days.  I know some photographers print on site, it's just not something I will do, I give every photo if it's a $15 digital to $50 print the same care, I want to know what you get is 100% perfect in my eyes.

Bed for me on most days is 11pm depending on work load or how far we have to travel.

I'm blessed to do something I love, photograph, capture memories of people and events.  I have the biggest support system around me with regular clients that keep me going.  I couldn't do what I do without everyones support.

for 2019/2020 I've decided to cut back on some of the bigger races and stay with some of the ones that I know I can be finished in 4 hours or less, we are picking up youth rodeos and of course portraits and weddings is a primary focus to grow into for 2020.

If you need a photographer reach out and lets see if we can do some work together.

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