Friday, December 22, 2017


Being a Barrel Racing Photographer has it's advantages and disadvantages.  Advantages:  I have the pleasure of photographing a large portion of the ladies that go to the NFR year after year due tot he area I live in.  Tiany Schuster (photo above) went into the NFR with $250,000 and held the #1 spot the entire 2017 season.  She unfortunately didn't win the World Title but she was in the top 5 at the end of the year.

Disadvantages:  There's not much you can do when you photograph except move your location.  There are 3 barrels, the rider and horse go around 3 barrels and run out - fastest time wins.  With the overflow of barrel photographers popping up there is no longer a need for a photo because you can get one at pretty much any jackpot.

When i first started 5 years ago i was the only one in my area and the demand was high for someone that needed a photo to market their horse.  I had to take my disadvantage and make it my advantage, I am pretty much the only local barrel photographer that will move all over the arena to capture something different.

Last night i used a 24-70 wide angle on my Nikon D500 one strobe light bounced off the ceiling to add just enough light to make to keep my ISO at 800 and avoid the grain.  If the rider and horse hit the pocket they ended up with a sweet photo.

The barrel Racers love anything different.  In business and your art you have to do what captures the eye.  Think outside the box and make your disadvantage your advantage.
Jo Haigwood-Johnson
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