Saturday, May 18, 2019

Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

Kylee Scribner is no stranger to the rodeo arena or winning awards, she has been competing for as long as she can remember.

Having a great team of horses in your trailer along with a talented athlete makes this Great Team Successful.

First Fire Frost aka Billy is an 11 year old gelding she runs barrels and poles on.  Billy won the toughest high school rodeo region in Texas in barrels and poles two years in a row.  This team currently holds 5 barrel racing arena records in North Texas area and nearly 10 pole bending arena records.  He qualified for the American Semi Finals; has won the open and the youth moonshine race, and countless buckles.  This horse was on top of the world when he took a devastating blow from EPM.  A week into his treatment vets were wanting to put him down because they weren't sure he would be able to walk again, it was pretty set in stone it looked like he would never compete in the rodeo arena again.

BELIEVE!  Kylee knew better than that, She buckled down, kept God as her priority and knew that Billy had the heart of a champion and he would be back on top.  Six months later, Billy started his rehabilitation, within 2 years time, insight laser therapy, outlaw equine and a might mighty GOD, First Fire Frost is moving back into the arena and is consistently climbing the leaderboard.

While Billy was down, Kylee had already qualified for many rodeos just weeks away and was without a horse to ride.  She received a call from her aunt offering her cousins high school rodeo mare. This came with a catch; "sister" had alley issues, kicked and had been turned out for nearly a year.  With little time left before the rodeos she took Sister home and did as much prepping in the 2 weeks she could.  With less than 5 runs in barrels and poles they were on their way to the IFYR.  Not that this mare filled in for Billy while he was out, but she placed 17th in the average of 250 girls around the world.  Kylee has been blessed enough over the past 2 years that her aunt let her purchase Sister.  This mare may have her quirks but she has kept Kylee in the standings and given her all every run.  This mare has stepped up to the plate, qualified her for the state finals and once again showed me what a true gritty horse is.

Last year I invited my senior reps that I felt would be a great role model, representative and ambassador for Jo H PHotography.  Kylee has not disappointed me one bit, she has served so well in representing my small business.  I am so happy to see all of her success and I know this is just the beginning.