Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Learning Light


It was something I avoided for the longest time, being an event photographer now trying to grow more into portrait photography, I avoided light at events until I HAD to learn.  Once I did i will admit your photos are 100% better and I have become so particular with my event photos I don't like photographing without light.

I have been so scared of light in portraits, so many photographers make their photos looks so natural with light and I never felt I could do a good job.  A few months ago I attended the Joel Grimes Workshop in Arizona, what I learned there was I knew more than I thought I knew and I better start applying my knowledge to my portraits and stop worrying if I knew anything.

I finally started to line up projects and practice sessions to help me become a better strobes with my portraits.  I've learned to love what I am doing and want to do more and more photography and lighting photography because it's like anything, if you work at it a little you see improvements every time.

I can't wait to see what I can do by the end of this year.