Saturday, June 29, 2019

The 2 P’s Patience and Practice

This week I met an extraordinary young lady, she will be a junior in high school and after introductions I asked her how long has she been doing Ballet.  She told me 12 years, for such a young lady, she’s been working on her art for 12 years and it showed in every photo we took this day.

This made me think back to my photography and I feel this could apply to anyone trying to improve.  So many don’t have patience to wait until their ready to see the improvements of practice.  This applies to anyone, photographer, barrel racer, musician, artist.  Your craft takes time, don’t feel like you have to see results right away (there are a few that do) but it does take practice, repetition, working on what you love in order to see the results.

This young ladies mom told me during the session when I complimented on how well her moves were, how precise, she said “Thats from everyday practicing what she loves”. Remember to have patience and the reward will come

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