Saturday, October 27, 2018

Kylee Butts Senior 2019

Kylee Butts, a Senior at Valley View High School Texas will graduate top 10 in her class.  Thats not a small accomplishment, hard word and dedication has moved her to the top of her class.

Kylee plans to attend NCTC (North Central Texas College) after graduation from VVHS and participating in the Equine Programs.  Equine events have been no stranger to Kylee, she has spent her entire life competing in Horse events.  High School rodeo was her main focus the past five years and she has won numerous championships.

Her first open rodeo wins came just this year (2018) winning the OPEN BARREL RACING average at the Annual St Jo, Texas rodeo and winning the first go round at the Annual Forestburg, Tx. rodeo.  her future plans include making the UPRA Rodeo Finals.

Kylee's passion completely revolves around horses.  She starts and trains her own horses and she continues to educate herself in the equine world. to book your session
Photography assistant: Tana Butts
Photographer: Jo H Photography

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Changing Things up

As an event photographer you can get stuck in a rut pretty fast, once you have the settings and know your arena you can start to venture out of your comfort zone.

One of my favorite arenas to photograph in is NRS Event Center in Decatur, Texas.  BPH Productions holds a weekly barrel race every Tuesday night, the most amazing talent of barrel racers in Texas and Oklahoma have made their way thru this barrel race.

I've learned you need to try new things and spice things up from time to time because the same photo just gets old after awhile. With this over saturated market of photographers you do need to try to stand out of the crowd.

I like playing around with light and low remote angles to see how things look.  I haven't worked on this runout light in awhile and last night gave it a try again.  If you can hit it just right you can usually end up with something very interesting and based on the sales last night almost everyone picked the runout and lighting as a choice for them.

In your job, do a few different things to see what kind of reception you get and keep thinking outside the box so you don't blend in with the competition