Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Double Creek Buckles

So happy to be a part of this ladies business Journey, in your photography career you meet people with passion for what they do.

Rosie Webster, owner of Double Creek Buckles, has ventured into saddlery; she is also a competitive barrel racer.  There is nothing more enjoyable than being the photographer to help promote the product she has designed, had made, and rides in her own design.

I know how she feels when I see one of my photos being used as a profile photo, used to help sell a horse, being showcased on a website.

Take pride in what you do, and follow your dreams.

Jo H


I had the opportunity this past Sunday to photograph a benefit for a family that has been hit with JHD.  Juvenile Huntingtons Disease.

Before the race we met the young man and his mother that has been going thru the stages of JHD.  It's a horrible disease that attacks your brain which affects your body in a slow, horrible damaging way.

Byron, is such an inspiration to not let this disease stop him from what he loves, he went out and showed all of us that you keep living, you do the things you love and you never stop trying.

Please read up on JHD and help a benefit close to you so we can stop this horrible disease.