Monday, February 25, 2019

Styled Shoot

One of the benefits of being a photographer is working on Styled Shoots, Lindsey, a Senior this year and sponsored rider for #JoHPhotography was the perfect model along with her long time Boyfriend Luke.

We planned off and on for a few weeks to work on a Styled Shoot that was with formal wear to work on posing.  Lindsey is already an active person and I was so happy she made time to work with me.  Barrel racing, FFA,  and horse judging occupies much of her time.  I was so happy she chose this beautiful dress from Gala Formal out of Grapevine Texas.  You can check them out at or call at 972-539-0011.

Luke is currently a freshman at Tarleton State University and is majoring in the demanding field of Nursing.  He lists hunting and fishing as some of is favorite things to do.  I had the pleasure of capturing his senior photos last year and look forward to capturing Lindseys session in April.

What makes this location perfect for a styled shoot is TWU has 2 locations for wedding and both always groomed and clean for people to take a walk in the park, students having a beautiful location to rest and relax and great for photographers.  This Anny Lee Designer prom dress definitely stood out on this background near the chapel in Denton Texas.

I would love the honor of capturing your prom, senior, engagement and wedding photos you can find me at

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What you have to Offer vs Prices

While having a conversation last night with someone they said something that was eye opening and important.  

I receive messages from time to time asking to help locate a horse, I thing being a photographer I get tagged on sell horses and such which is why people contact me they know I may be aware of the exact horse they are looking for.

During a conversation this trainer mentioned "A lot of work goes into a $20,000 horse"  That was very eye opening for me.  When people reach out to me for services as a photographer the one of the first 1 to 2 questions I am asked is "How much do you charge"

People make prices based on "CODB"  Cost of Doing Business.  I have an estimated $20,000 in equipment, Liability Insurance, Equipment Insurance, Vehicle, Vehicle Insurance, Training, I also work hard to improve my skills, I don't get free help like others ask me for, I pay for my training.  All of this comes at a price.  Years of Experience, Better Equipment, Future Training, Paying Sales Tax, Self Employment Tax, Insurance.  All of that comes at a price.

When someone reaches out to me for services, I hope they understand my price is based on all of those things above that "Alot of work goes into my Portrait and Wedding Prices"

When you reach out to a Photographer, think about all they have to offer, not just the dollar they quote to you.

I am very proud to be an award winning photographer, spending hours working on project photos, learning and manipulating light.

Its not always about price, it's "What you have to offer" that is behind the price  "For all your Photography Needs"

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Before and After

As photographers we have to use our super powers and work on a scene from time to time.  It would be amazing if all backgrounds were perfect but their not.

Hiring a professional photographer with some editing skills can take the bland photo and give it some pop and make it more appealing to the eye

New photographers, take some time to hit youtube up and learn how to do some basic sky swaps, remove distractions in a photo.  your clients are paying you money and you need to deliver the best photo possible to them.

Start off with the best SOOC (straight out of camera) photo you can, then when you get in post see what you can do (DON'T OVERPROCESS) to make that photo even more eye catching.

Below is a before and after, that makes the photo look better for this mom


Be careful new photographers you will end up spending hours working on photos so vision what you want to have as an end result, and also make sure you add up editing time into your cost or you will be losing money, although we are capturing lasting memories it is your job and how you make a living. for all your professional photography and editing needs