Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rodeo Family

This is a Rodeo Family, You'll find rodeo families all around the United States; I'm pretty close to this particular rodeo family and friends with quite a few others.

Something you'll notice about the rodeo family is how close they are, they do everything together from training together, caring for their horses, keeping the family home together, working together, traveling together.  Their always together as a team!

Father and daughter, riding the same horse, helping each other in their arena so their better at the next calf roping, breakaway or rodeo.  Rodeo families practice, help, teach, train all together
No matter how big, or how small, they are there to help each other out.  You don't hear very often about rodeo family kids getting in trouble, their too busy learning how to care for their horses, pick up after themselves, go to school, and learn responsibility.

If you have an opportunity to have your kids at horse camp, or own a horse, or participate in rodeos, I would encourage you to do so.  It's an amazing sport and something you can do together as a family

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Miss Mollie

Miss Mollie Lane is 13 years old, but is one of the most mature 13 year old young ladies you will ever come around.

She has owned, trained and competed on her good palomino horse "Sunup Starbert" since she was 7 years old and will readily admit he is the love of her life.

Mollie has been blessed to qualify for the BBR World Finals and The Patriot and has ran in various organizations such as BRAT and M7 Youth Rodeo.  She also participates in Texas Jr. high Rodeo Association.

She aspires to make it to the RFDTV American and NFR.  She hopes to earn a rodeo scholarship and become a veterinarian.  She is currently home schooled and is an honor roll student.

Keep an eye out for Mollie this summer, she will be hitting some of the North Texas Barrel Races and youth Rodeos