Saturday, September 7, 2019

Tips for Photographing Horses

I am no way an expert in the field of Equine Photography and poses, it is something I work at each and every time I am asked to photograph for the owners.  If it's a sale photo, stallion photo or just sentimental photo.

One of the things I require is that the person asking me to come out has a "handler" a person that will help.  Unless you have a world champion halter horse, you have to put a lot of work into getting the horse in the best position to show off what God created.

It's not easy, its hot, its sweaty, its cold, its irritating, but if your going to do a job for a client you want to do a good job.  I apologize throughout the session because their having to bend over, repeatedly and move the horse in the position I am asking them to.

The end result will be so much better than just a quick iPhone photo, when your needing photos like this ask for a extra person to help you.  The photographer can't move back and forth and place legs because the horse will move before she gets back in place and that makes the process so much more slower.  I would recommend having a person hold the horse, one to work with positioning and if your lucky you have a third to get ears up, if not the person moving the legs has 2 jobs.

This allows the photographer to be ready to take that photo before the horse moves.

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