Thursday, July 18, 2019

Networking for success

Networking!  What is Networking?  Networking is using all avenues to help yourself get noticed to increase awareness to you as a business.  What are you doing to help network your business?

Social Media has become so popular to help bring awareness and eyes to your business; are you using social media to your advantage? Are you networking with fellow small business?  If your not you need to.

One of the ways to reach more people is to collaborate with some of the other small business owners you know.  I often times barter my photography work to other small business in the area.  In hopes that they advertise the photos I’ve taken to draw attention to their business also draws attention to mine.

Something I would like you all try to do to help each other is find someone to network with, if you are advertising another persons page, doing work for each other to help bring eyes to that person, a video, a photo anything to help each other out.  This week I plan to visit a few business in Sanger to collaborate and network in hopes that a photo or video will help bring more likes, shares and potential clients to Jo H Photography.

Give it a try and see how it helps you

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